This week’s prompt on Nail Art Nation was waterfall nails. Fabiana did a great design on a beige base which you can find here. I always like to be a bit different, so I decided to start with a black base and create some Holographic Waterfall Nail Art

I think this would look great in summer sunshine, with all the holo particles throwing rainbows everywhere. However, the UK seems to have skipped August and September, because the weather is rainy October-style right now.

So I’ll just have to imagine it!

Holographic Waterfall Nail Art left hand

Holographic Waterfall Nail Art left hand

Polishes and tools

Your favourite base coat and top coat
AEngland Camelot
Color Club Eternal Beauty, Crystal Baller, Angel Kiss, Cloud Nine, Miss Bliss, and Over The Moon
Winstonia fine line brush
Rainbow Connection Zap

After my base coat, I started with two coats of Camelot and one coat of top coat. Camelot is pretty opaque and you could almost get away with a single coat, but I find when you get the light behind the free edge it shows it isn’t.

I used Zap around my cuticles to help with clean up. I prefer this design when the lines start cleanly at the cuticles, rather than with a little blob of polish. That means I have to start the lines above my nail and I end up getting it on my skin. Zap helps with the clean up afterwards.

I didn’t have any plan or pattern behind the coloured stripes, so they are all mixed up. If you’re doing this, I recommend you don’t put too much polish on the brush so your lines stay thin. Cleaning the brush frequently helps this too in my experience.

Holographic Waterfall Nail Art right hand

Holographic Waterfall Nail Art right hand

Holographic Waterfall Nail Art

I absolutely love how this looks, like a weird glitching display screen. The holo particles fade out into the black really well too.

Please tell me what you think? Is this a look you’d like to try? Or do you prefer different colours?