Although I don’t show off my feet in photos (no one needs to see that!) I do take care of them. I tried Babyfoot a couple of years ago, and although it’s excellent at removing hard skin it’s very gross. Today I’m sharing my recipe for how to remove hard skin from your feet at home, with zero effort!

How to remove hard skin: Photo by Ben Hartley on Unsplash

How to remove hard skin: Photo by Ben Hartley on Unsplash

What you’ll need

250ml Apple Cider Vinegar or white vinegar
250ml Original (gold) Listerine*
500ml (approximately) hand hot water
Optional: a few drops of scented oil
An old washing up bowl
Nail brush
Foot file or pumice

* WARNING! Only use the original gold coloured Listerine.  If you use blue or green or any other one you risk staining your feet blue or green, and it might not work the same! The Gold version isn’t always available (I don’t think the clove taste is appreciated much anymore!) but the Advanced Gum Treatment is colourless so won’t stain. You are looking for a product that contains Benzoic Acid on the ingredients list.

Measure the vinegar and Listerine into a large measuring jug together, and then top up with water until you have about a litre of liquid. You don’t need to be too precise, and you want to end up with enough liquid to cover your feet in the bowl. You can add a scented oil to mask the vinegar smell. Peppermint or tea tree are traditional for foot products, but you can use whatever you like the smell of.

I normally lay one towel out on the floor in front of my sofa, with the bowl in the centre so I can rest my feet either side on the towel. Put your feet in (you should add a little cool water if it’s too hot or not enough to cover your feet) and soak for as long as possible.

Sit back and relax

I watch TV while my feet soak, leaving it 45 minutes to an hour until the water is cold. If you prefer, you can add a little hot water regularly to keep it warm.

How to remove hard skin: Photo by Joe Pizzio on Unsplash

How to remove hard skin: Photo by Joe Pizzio on Unsplash

Use the nail brush over your toes to get rid of any overgrown cuticles, and the file or pumice over your feet, focusing on areas of hard skin. You can keep your feet in the bowl while you do this to keep rinsing the dead skin off your feet.

Once you’re happy, take your feet out and dry them off with the second towel. Rinse your feet in clean water, pat dry and moisturise thoroughly. I like to add cuticle oil on my toenails too – my favourite is CND Rescue Rxx. All my tips for caring for your cuticles work on feet too!

Caring for my nails and cuticles - CND Rescue Rx

How to remove hard skin: Caring for my nails and cuticles – CND Rescue Rx

You can see a lot of sediment in the bowl – that’s all the dry skin you removed! Your feet will be really soft and smooth, with none of the gross weeks of peeling that you get from Babyfoot. A second wash in clean water with a little soap will get your feet clean of the sediment and scent of vinegar.


Remove hard skin at home


If you’ve got really stubborn patches of hard skin, you might find that it takes a few soaks to really get rid of them. Maybe once a week, for a few weeks. But I think you’ll agree this is a really easy, cheap method, and perfect for the summer months when you don’t want to hide your feet for weeks while they are peeling!

How to remove hard skin by Keely’s Nails

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