A recent challenge was to incorporate charms into a watermarble design.  I’d seen an ethereal marble design by French Instagrammer Ilaeti, that I wanted to recreate, and some charms that I’d had for years without using combined to create this Space Pirate watermarble look.

Although this was a #WatermarblePractceWednesday design, I ended up doing this on a Sunday…life just gets in the way sometimes and marbling all ten nails can be quite time consuming.

On to the pictures!

Space Pirate - watermarble and charm - left hand

Space Pirate – watermarble and charm – left hand

You might notice my nails are shorter and squarer that the last post.  I keep breaking corners but I am in love with a squared nail right now.  To keep them all at the same length took a bit of filing.  I also created a new corner when one had broken, using a silk wrap and gel polish.

Polishes and tools

Barry M Gelly Blue Grape
Luna Loves Lacquer Cookie Monster
AEngland Camelot
Hit The Bottle White
Rimmel Pro Matte top coat for negative space
Nails Inc (part of a set which included their black leather effect polish)
Sensationails Clear 

Space Pirate - watermarble and charm - right hand

Space Pirate – watermarble and charm – right hand

I fixed the charms with a drop of the Sensationails clear gel. I was really hoping they would last overnight and maybe the next day, I really don’t want to lose any of them.

However I was disappointed.

They are quite wide and flat, so they were only fixed at the centre point.  Any pressure on either side and they popped right off.  One came off within 20 minutes and the next one as I was trying to retrieve the first.  Oh well.

Space Pirate

Still, I think this design looked lovely even without the charms.  I buffed the blobs of gel down flat and then added an extra topcoat layer.  It might not have been quite as light and ethereal as Ilaeti’s original, but I really liked it.