I haven’t done a splatter design for ages, but I wanted to try something a bit different. This Gradient Splatter nail art is stamped rather than sprayed, so clean up is a lot quicker and easier!

Gradient Splatter nail art - easy stamped design

Gradient Splatter nail art – easy stamped design

Polishes and tools

Chanel Pink Rubber
In The Name of Polish Lazy Days & Orange Haze, Too Turnt You Got Sun Burnt and Two in the Pink
Ya Quin An plate Y020
Clear Jelly Stamper The Big Bling and Bling Brush

I started with three coats of Pink Rubber, just because it can be a bit uneven in two. It’s a matte polish though, which means it dries really quickly. There was no need to add top coat first, because it dries quickly and firmly.

For the splatter design, I used a delicate star print.  These stars are really tiny, unevenly sized and scattered, so they double really well for a splatter design.

I started at the base of my nails with the darkest pink colour, moving to the reddish-pink and a dark orange shade at the tips.  There are two ways to do this.  You can put all three colours on the plate and scrape across to blend them, or stamp the three colours separately.

Here, I stamp the colours individually, so that I can overlap the colours a bit, like a true splatter.  It also means that I was able to make the design of the splatters unique on each nail.

Stamping separately means that you can keep building layers of colour until you are happy, which is exactly what I did. When I’m happy, I add top coat to seal it all in.

Gradient Splatter nail art macro

Gradient Splatter nail art macro

Gradient Splatter nail art

I really like this design. far more than I thought I was going to.  It would look great in so many colour combinations.

I hope you like it too! What colours would you choose?