Labradorite is a mineral which looks amazing when polished, and it has all these colours which are perfect for the smoosh attack technique. 

These are the polishes I smooshed on a stainless steel palette:
Chanel Peridot
Dance Legend Wazowski
Essie Turquoise & Caicos
YSL Bleu Cyclades

Afterwards, I went in with a fine brush and black polish to add the striations:
Balmain Noir


Top tips: 

• it’s a bit messy. You are going to need tape, or glue or latex around your fingers to help with clean up. 

• don’t press too hard with the stamper on your nail – because you have more polish and it’s wetter, you can slide right off your nail easily. 

• you can go right back in and put the polish on your nail again – you can get a couple of presses on to the nail from 1 smoosh because it takes longer to dry – very useful if you missed a bit! 

Check out ldnailsxo on Instagram if you want to see a short video of smooshattack on the back of a stamping plate.