Fabiana set this art-inspired challenge on NailArtNation this week, and she definitely had me in mind! His artwork is a mixture of colour and monochrome pieces, and I loved the monochrome line work, which had an almost op-art quality about it. I’d like to present my Frank Stella nail art!

Frank Stella nail art left hand

Frank Stella nail art left hand

Polishes and tools

My favourite base coat and top coat
Barry M Gelly Chai
Cirque Carpe Diem
AEngland Camelot
A small piece of foil (you could use a silicon may or even a plastic bag)
MoYou London Fashionista 04
Hit The Bottle Black
Creative Shop stamper
Clear Jelly Stamper The Big Bling

I started with a base of Barry M Chaiย which is a medium grey creme. It’s also really opaque, so it only needs one coat.

After that, I get messy! Time for some smooshing with Cirque Carpe Diem, Chai, and a little AEngland Camelot.ย 

I smooshed the three polishes together on the piece of foil, and then used my Creative Shop stamper to add the smoosh to my nails. You’ll get two or three nails out of each smoosh.

"Bethlehem's Hospital" by Frank Stella, 1967

“Bethlehem’s Hospital” by Frank Stella, 1967 from Black Series I

This particular piece of art was my main inspiration. I love the cloudy, moody background under the black lines.

After I’d cleaned up the smoosh, I add top coat (like I always do) before stamping.

I stamped the chevron pattern using a black stamping polish, cleaned up again and then added a final top coat.

Frank Stella nail art right hand

Frank Stella nail art right hand

Frank Stella nail art

I am loving this look. It looks organic and imperfect, and even disguises my slightly wavy stamping.

There’s no sparkle or colour, but it still draws my eye every time I look at my hands, because it’s so unique.

What do you think of Frank Stella and this design? Are you on board with the monochrome look, or do you like a brighter polish on your nails?