Do you want to win over £260 ($350) in PayPal cash plus some amazing cruelty-free beauty products? I’ve teamed up with my fellow Beauty Blog Coalition friends and we’ve got some fantastic prizes to giveaway!I’ve joined up with 34 other beauty bloggers to do a Mega Beauty Blog Hop GIVEAWAY! If you’re unfamiliar what a blog hop is, it’s pretty simple. Everyone in the hop is giving away something beauty related, and all of the prizes are from cruelty-free brands. You can click through from one blog to another, entering the giveaways as you go.

If you’re anything like me, you won’t want to do this all in one go, so come back to the numbered list when you’re sat with a cuppa and tick a few more off . Come back and complete all entries by 31 October to be in with a chance of winning the big prize!

You can enter as many or as few of the giveaways as you want, but you can only win the big prize if you do all 35 (and we will be checking!)… But, think of what you could buy with all that PayPal cash! The grand prize entry form is on all the blogs, so you can enter that whenever you finish the list 🙂

Step one

First things first, you need to enter my giveaway here:
a Rafflecopter giveaway

As you might guess I’m obsessed with highlighter at the moment, so my prize reflects that.  As the giveaway is international and Royal Mail won’t let me post polish (boo) I had to pick something else.  The MUR Unicorn Elixir is AMAZING by the way, and I’m wearing it right now.

Step two

Now, work your way through the list of these lovely bloggers, for more incredible prizes and to work your way towards a chance at that grand prize:

  1. Makeup Obsessed Mom
  2. Notes from My Dressing Table
  3. Thefabzilla
  4. The Feminine Files
  5. Beauty and Fashion Tech
  6. Portrait of Mai
  7. Realizing Beauty
  8. Style, Decor & More
  9. NorahLovesMakeup
  10. I Like to Talk A Lot
  11. My Beauty Bunny
  12. Beauty Info Zone
  13. Collective Beauty
  14. Geniabeme
  15. Phyrra
  16. The Plastic Diaries
  17. Ahleessa 4 Realz
  18. HashtagFabLife
  19. My Highest Self
  20. Polarbelle
  21. Just Tiki
  22. Brighter, Darling
  23. Haus of Hounds
  24. XO, Noelle
  25. Kate Loves Makeup
  26. ColorSutraa
  27. The Daily Nail
  28. Glam and Uncensored
  29. Keely’s Nails
  30. From My Vanity
  31. Beaumiroir
  32. We Heart This
  33. Prime Beauty
  34. Chick Lit Plus
  35. PolishGalore

In case you get an error message when clicking on any of the links above, try clicking on the homepage or logo of that blog. Or come back later and try again. The blog hop is scheduled so we all start at the same time, but I can’t promise everything will be perfect at the very start.

If you are nail polish crazy like me, Polish Galore has a $50 ILNP voucher on her giveaway!

Step three

And now for the GRAND PRIZE entry!! Do not enter until you have completed ALL 35 beauty blogger giveaways. All entries will be verified. Good Luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Good luck to you all!

Mega Blog Hop Giveaway with Keely's Nails on Pinterest

Blog Hop Giveaway – just some of the prizes!