I’ve never seen the Northern Lights but this nail art design reminds me of the colours.

I used an untried polish and plate, along with a new (old) favourite.


Northern Lights | Keely's Nails

Northern Lights | Keely’s Nails

Polishes and Tools

Models Own Hypergel Bermuda Blue
Clarins 230 Unicorn Pee
Color Club Kismet
MoYou London Enchanted 16

I started with two coats of Bermuda Blue topped with two very thin coats of Unicorn Pee. The Clarins is very thin, so that was easy to achieve, although it can flood into your cuticles if you aren’t careful. I chose the bright blue as a base because I know how great Fantasy Fire looks with a blue base, and I suspected this would look awesome too.

Northern Lights | Keely's Nails

Northern Lights nail art | Keely’s Nails

If you’ve ever wondered why Clarins 230 is known as Unicorn Pee, watch Simply Nailogical’s video, it’s very funny.

Stamping with a Color Club holo is always a pleasure, and Kismet is a favourite. It’s an old gold colour, but rainbows abound when it hit is with light.  The lines in this design are very fine so the holographic effect is limited but definitely there.  I don’t have any of the 2015 Halo Hues collection (yet) but I hear that they are more metallic than any of the original ones.  Three of the new shades also look very similar which is a little disappointing.

Northern Lights Nail Art

It’s really subtle stamping and maybe next time I would use a gold or silver foil polish instead, but I love this design.  Clarins 230 is also the lemming polish I honestly thought I’d never own…dreams can come true!!  I bought mine from eBay (for a lot less than is suggested in the video), and I was totally stunned when no one else bid on it, like shaking. It was even boxed and at least 90% full. Just like Max Factor Fantasy Fire, over a bright blue base is my favourite way to wear this.