Have you got Pinterest boards full of pretty nails you’ve never had on your own digits? What about nowhere near enough cash to drop on a weekly manicure? Maybe loads of pretty polishes that just don’t look as cool on as you thought they would?  That was me a few years ago, desperate to make average nail art awesome.  I really wanted to have chic, colourful, interesting nails, the kind that people look at and admire.

Make average nail art awesome: Holographic Stamping on holo base

Make average nail art awesome: Holographic Stamping on holo base

So I decided I wanted to create my own art, on little canvases right at my fingertips.  However, I was seriously lacking skill.  I’ve been on a journey, through lots of trials and practice, to create some nail art I’m really proud of.  I can definitely tell you, there are ways to make even your first attempts look so much better.

Make average nail art awesome

Learn how to care for your cuticles, banishing hangnails and making your nails look longer to boot.  Clean up after you are done! This makes such a huge difference.  Seriously, on it’s own, a proper clean up will have people fooled into thinking a professional did your nails.  You can do this yourself, without spending a fortune. Well, I instead spend my money on loads of gorgeous polishes like you don’t even see on the high street, but I’m doing this all myself.

Make average nail art awesome: rainbow watermarble

Make average nail art awesome: rainbow watermarble

Some of my first attempts were pitiful, but they are here if you want to see them.  But I kept trying, and finding inspiration, and learning what works, and how to get on top of different techniques like stamping and watermarbling.  These I can show you, how I got them to work for me (and you don’t even have to get nail polish in your hair like I did one time).

Get started here

So, do you want to learn how to make average nail art awesome? Start right here:

If you’ve got the basics, and want some more inspiration for your journey, check out some of my favourite posts in the side bar. >>>

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  1. I love painting my nails and have tried nail art a few times but it didn’t go so well hehe.
    Thanks for the tips!

    • That’s alright, and I hope your next nail art is awesome! Do come back and show me 🙂

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