As part of my series inspired by semi-precious stones, I've been looking around for my next project. The photo (scroll down) really caught my eye, so I'm trying this Fire Obsidian nail art. It's an experiment in progress so I think I'll be coming back and trying this again.

Fire Obsidian nail art macro

Polishes and tools

Orly Bonder
Painted Polish Midnight Mischief
ILNP Birefringence
Dance Legend Roz and Wazowski
Max Factor Dazzling Blue
Chanel Peridot
Makeup sponge
Nail art brush
Seche Vite
Revlon Smoky Shader brush (for clean up)

If you want to know more about clean up, read my post 3 secrets
nail artists know make
their nails look awesome!

After I'd filed and prepped my nails, I started with one coat of Bonder and one of Midnight Mischief.  This is my perfect one-coater black, and it stamps perfectly too.

Inspiration for my Fire Obsidian nail art

I created a gradient of the colours using a makeup sponge – it only takes two coats. I referred to this image of Fire Obsidian from my Pinterest board (please give me a follow!) for how to lay them out.

When you paint the polish onto a sponge, and then dab that to transfer the colour, it blends the colours really nicely. These are polishes that I know need a black base coat to be their best.

Fire Obsidian nail art using ILNP Birefringence

Fire Obsidian has veins running across it, and I picked this out using Peridot.  Make sure you clean the brush frequently in acetone to keep your lines nice and thin.

Finally, I tore a little piece of sponge off with the tweezers, then I dabbed a little black at the edges of my nails.

** Tom Dodge has contacted me and said he owns this beautiful stone and the image. I will update this post with his link as soon as he sends it through.

Fire Obsidian nail art with freehand

The image of this semi-precious stone I used for inspiration is highly polished, so I added two coats of Seche Vite top coat. It's still not shiny enough though!

I think I might try again, but using a mirror chrome powder on top.

Fire Obsidian nail art left hand

Fire Obsidian nail art

I'm really interested in hearing from you about what your favourite jewel or semi-precious stone is. Please tell me in the comments!

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