This Neon Dot Nail Art is super quick and easy to re-create, since it is just two polishes and one coat of each. You’ll be ready for dancing under blacklight in no time!


Neon Dot Nail Art right hand

Neon Dot Nail Art right hand

Polishes and Tools

AEngland Camelot
Starrily Gumballs
Base and top coats – I like Nailtiques and Seche Vite
Clean up brush
Acetone or remover

  1. Prepare your nails and apply your favourite base coat.
  2. Apply one coat of Camelot (other black polishes may need two coats, but not this one!)
  3. Clean up any places where the black is on your skin and cuticles. This is also how I achieve a nice clean finish around my cuticle line.
  4. Apply one coat of Gumballs (you won’t need to fish the glitters out the bottle, but it may need a bit of dabbing to get them positioned where you want them).
  5. Optional: apply a neon-boosting coat (see below).
  6. Apply your favourite top coat! Done.
Neon Dot Nail Art UV macro

Neon Dot Nail Art UV macro

These glitters glow incredibly brightly under UV light 😎

I have a small UV lamp for gel nails, which I don’t use very often, because I’m all about the polish. But it was perfect for lighting up the neon colours and shows how bright they look over the black.

All my other photos are taken with daylight bulbs for lighting, so you can they look bright even in the sun.

Neon Dot Nail Art left hand

Neon Dot Nail Art left hand

Neon Dot Nail Art

One option, if you want your neons to glow even more brightly (or even give other colours a bit more pop) there is a product called Yellow Stopper by American Classics, who are also the makers of Gelous. One coat of this over your neons or colours will enhance their appearance in UV light (including daylight. What I’ve found is that it dries incredibly slowly, so it is best used under a top coat.

I hope you like this quick and easy design. Would you like to see some easy nail art ideas?