I’ve got some really sad news.  Max Factor Fantasy Fire is no more.  Well, it is, but it’s different (No, it’s definitely gone)

As of the start of May 2015, there [was] Max Factor Fantasy Fire new version, because the powder pigment which gave it that multichrome, flakie shimmer is no more, discontinued.  Max Factor have reformulated with a new liquid pigment which gives a hint of the red shimmer of old, but the shift to teal and gold is gone. (Note: it seems like Max Factor have discontinued this new version too.)

I’ve swatched old and new alongside each other so you can see the difference.  Both are over one coat of Revlon Royal, and with top coat.  The new Fantasy Fire is a bit more opaque than the old one, so new got two coats and old got three.  And now for many pictures…


Max Factor Fantasy Fire New Version vs old | Keely's Nails

Max Factor Fantasy Fire New Version vs old | Keely’s Nails

There’s no denying the new formulation is a pretty purple polish, but having loved the old FF for a long time I’m really sad to see it go.  It felt like one of the very few special, desirable polishes that were easy to get in the UK.  So much of our nail polish has to be imported from the US, Australia, Russia, etc., that this was a big thing for me.

So, if you are in a UK chemist or shop, passing a Max Factor stand, have a look.  Maybe you can grab one of the last old ones, or see the new one for yourself.

RIP Fantasy Fire