I mentioned in my last few posts I’ve been trying out some new tools, and here they are! Clear Jelly Stamper Bling range includes the Big Bling Stamper and the Bling Brush. 

So I thought I’d give you a quick review of these two…

Clear Jelly Stamper Bling - The Big Bling view through

Clear Jelly Stamper Bling – The Big Bling view through

Big Bling Stamper

This stamper is enormous and because of that, I found this the easiest to use of any of my clear stampers.

It’s nice and squishy, but due to the size it’s the easiest to see through to where you are placing the stamp. The curve of the stamper is much less dramatic, and as a result I don’t get the distortion when looking through.

I sometimes find with smaller stampers that the distortion means I can’t judge how far away the stamper head is. This was not a problem with this big boy!

From the first picture you also get an idea of size. I could easily stamp two nails at a time.

Clear Jelly Stamper Bling - The Big Bling side view

Clear Jelly Stamper Bling – The Big Bling side view

This side view shows the bling! The stamper comes with two caps, one of which is filled with clear rhinestones.

Both caps come off easily so I could perfectly see what I was stamping, while protecting the silicon head from dust and damage in between.

One strange thing I noticed when stamping was that after I’d transferred the design on to my nails, I could see a little ghostly outline of when the polish was on the stamper.

It disappeared quite quickly but makes me think this stamper head wouldn’t tolerate acetone.

Sadly, my stamper head has a small defect on the inside face, which you can see above my cuticles on the first picture. It’s not a big issue and doesn’t affect use or stamping, other than a very small area of the stamp being partially obscured. But it’s quite a small defect, so won’t stop me using it.

Edit: December 2016

As you can see in the comments, I was offered a free replacement head, which I accepted and is perfect. Thanks CJS!

Clear Jelly Stamper Bling - The Bling Brush

Clear Jelly Stamper Bling – The Bling Brush

The Bling Brush

Matching the stamper, I also have a clean up brush. It has the same clear section filled with rhinestones to match.

The barrel is white and chrome with a subtle Clear Jelly Stamper logo. The brush head is soft and rounded, and I was really pleased to find the cap fits neatly on the end while in use.

The brush head is much softer than I’m used to, but I’m learning. It’s acetone safe, I’ve been rinsing it after use and massaging a drop of oil into the fibres when I’m done.

I think that will keep it in top condition.

Clear Jelly Stamper Bling Range

I’m really pleased with both my purchases. I think I will get a lot of use from both of them.

The brush will take a bit more getting used to for me. I am used to stiffer bristles to get right into my cuticles and side walls.

The Big Bling Stamper costs $10.50 and is available direct from their website.

The Bling Brush costs $14.00. Shipping to the UK cost me $4.55 and I didn’t have to pay any customs fees. Clear Jelly Stamper is based in Canada.

You can get a 10% discount using code SUMMERFUN, which expires on 1 September 2016.