This week’s Watermarble Wednesday challenge was to use no base with a random design. I cheated ever so slightly on the base, but it’s definitely random! So here’s Watermarble Wednesday No Base

Watermarble Wednesday No Base left hand

Watermarble Wednesday No Base left hand

I started with a glittery base, but there’s still plenty of nail showing through. Since I hate having visible nail line, this is a really big deal for me.

As for a random design…it certainly is!

Polishes and tools

Your favourite base and top coat
ILNP My Private Rainbow X
OPI Purple Perspective and Pen and Pink
NPQ Clear polish
Pure Color Watermarble tool
Rainbow Connection Zap
Disposable cup filled with room temperature tap water
Paper towel
Clear Jelly Stamper The Bling Brush

Watermarble Wednesday No Base macro

Watermarble Wednesday No Base macro

I added two coats of My Private Rainbow X before a layer of top coat. While that was setting I applied Zap up to my first knuckles.

For the watermarble, I used a drop of each of the two colours, followed by one drop of clear.

The custom-branded clear polish spreads extremely well, but dries very quickly too. You can’t hang around or making a design is impossible.

I created a basic eight-pointed star design, outwards first, then into the centre. I dipped all my fingers on each hand together, since I didn’t want the same design across them all.

I dipped my thumbs separately, mostly because I don’t have a big enough cup!!

Watermarble Wednesday No Base right hand

Watermarble Wednesday No Base right hand

Watermarble Wednesday No Base

I can’t quite get used to seeing my nail line, so don’t feel entirely comfortable with this design. I prefer my left hand which has a bit more tip cover.

But I have had lovely feedback and compliments from people seeing this one. It’s certainly unusual!

Are you a fan or is this a waterfail Wednesday for you? Let me know in the comments.

Watermarble Wednesday No Base | Keely's Nails

Watermarble Wednesday No Base | Keely’s Nails