This week I really wanted to use a holographic polish I’ve had for a while: OPI My Private Jet.  It’s not full-on bling like GOSH’s Holographic Hero but a dark chocolate with fine shimmery turquoise and pink/orange holo particles.  It’s not the original full-on holographic version originally made by OPI but it’s still sparkly and beautiful enough for your fingers to distract you while driving with the sun on your hands!

My Private Jet applies really smoothly and you could almost get away with one coat, but I did two with a coat of Sally Hansen Hard As Wraps acrylic gel in between.  I’ve been doing this for a little while and I think it’s really helping my manicures last the week.  I do a lot of typing and I’m quite tough on my nails – plus they are really bendy so polish tends to chip crazily after a few days.  But I think this is working really well and it’s no hassle to remove either.
On top of the OPI, I added some dots to bring out the holo.  I used Essie Turquoise & Caicos and Illamasqua Scorch (on sale currently for £5!) with a couple of different sized dotting tools.  You can see the holo flecks in the close up but it has an amazing quality in bright light particularly bright sunlight.  Here it is with flash…

Bottles of the original OPI MPJ with beautiful rainbowy holographic flecks are selling on ebay for £40 so I won’t be trying that anytime soon, but I love this one too.