Apart from the stamping, this is nothing like I thought today’s challenge would look like. Although it’s incredibly pretty so I’m going to have a tough time taking it off tomorrow! 

Chanel Paradoxal (base colour) 
Picture Polish Altered State 
Color Club Blue Heaven (stamping) 
MoYou London Princess Collection 14 
I started with Paradoxal but the colour seemed a bit flat and Altered State was just begging for a first outing… The scatter holo in Altered State muffles the stamping slightly but that probably plays in my favour. That being said, this is my best edge-to-edge stamping so far. 

How am I going to follow this when galaxy nails are a challenge next week?! Bonus video showing a bit more of the multichromes in Altered Statehttp://instagram.com/p/m00Zd-Qgrp/
See you for Tribal Nails tomorrow though!