This is one design I couldn’t do so effectively with long nails! I did ladybird nails a long time ago, so it’s nice to come back to it with better skills and a different finish. 

Nails Inc The Boltons 
Nailene Artist FX Sparkle Coat 
Graffiti Nails Jet and Ice White
Cult Nails Wax That 

If forgotten how lovely The Boltons is – a beautiful red metallic – it’s basically a one coater too, so it would be great for stamping. I added the Sparkle Coat over the red to give the final wax finish a bit more dimension. 

It’s a shame that I smeared a few of the eyes with topcoat, but my finish and clean up is a million times better than my previous attempt! Wax That gives the perfect beetle-wing shimmer to the ladybirds.