I didn’t have a lot of time for this design, so it had to be very quick. I only photographed one hand – I promise, both were the same!

I never thought I’d find a red that I like as much as this one but it always looks great – it must be the orange tones in this one, other reds just don’t look as good with my skin tone.

Chanel Coquelicot
Color Club Kismet
MoYou London Princess 12

As you can see my nails are a lot shorter than they were. I’d had a couple of breaks starting which had been held together with gel for a week or so. I just got sick of them – so much hassle switching between acetone/non-acetone and then having to re-do the gels. And they were getting too long really. At least I’m not completely back to nubs except on one thumb. It’s nice to be able to type again though!