Day two of the Nail Art Nation‘s Scream Spectacular was “I See Dead People” and I had chosen a nude-beige colour. I honestly didn’t know the challenges beforehand, but these colour choices are working out well!

Polishes & tools

Chanel Frenzy
Orly Pure Porcelain
Models Own White Light
Acrylic paint
Adhesive googly eyes
Rimmel Pro Matte top coat 


Halloween 2015: I See Dead People | Keely's Nails

Halloween 2015: I See Dead People | Keely’s Nails

To create this design I started with two coats of Frenzy then used a nail art detail brush to add short, semi-dry brush strokes horizontally across my nails. I started with Pure Porcelain, then White Light, added a little more Frenzy in a few places and finally added some very fine details in black acrylic paint.

After that I added googly eyes – they are self adhesive, but I sealed around them with Seche Vite for better hold.  I topped everything with the matte top coat to finish. I was aiming for the effect of ancient mummy bandages and I think I pulled it off!

The next day I visited the Chanel Mlle Privé exhibition, and I walked through an area lit with blacklight. I caught a quick snap of the eyes glowing! As you can see, by that time I had lost an eye from my index finger, but the others all lasted really well.

I really didn’t know what the challenges were going to be, when I chose my colours – I promise! But this work out really well again.

The last day is tomorrow and will be “Things That Go Bump In The Night”!