I recently purchased my first two FUN Lacquers and this is one. FUN Lacquer Style H is a holo microglitter topper (although I think it would be opaque in 3-4 coats).

I purchased mine from Rainbow Connection and it is part of the Birthday 2015 collection.

I teamed two coats with a dark blue base. I think next time I will use it on a black base with one very thin, almost dry brush coat.

FUN Lacquer Style H swatch | Keely's Nails

FUN Lacquer Style H swatch | Keely’s Nails


Chanel Fortissimo
FUN Lacquer Style H
Seche Vite top coat

FUN Lacquer Style H swatch

FUN Lacquer Style H swatch

With the light source at different angles you can see the colour shift from blue to pink. The holo comes out more strongly under other lights but it’s a bit visible in the first picture on the tips.

No nail art this time, sorry! I think that a negative space design with black would look really good with this polish – over some striping tape on a black base.

FUN Lacquer Style H

I feel like I didn’t properly capture the beauty of this polish in my swatch and photos – doesn’t help that this is another example of my camera focusing on the bottle instead of my nails.  It probably needs a black base and a thinner, single coat.  Having said that, it is very pretty.