Easy to use, the Clear Jelly Stamper is soft enough for my curvy nails.

I was sent the Clear Jelly Stamper for review by Born Pretty Store.  The clear stamper and translucent barrel means you get a great view on exactly where you are placing your stamp.

Polishes and tools

Formula X Beacon and Marine
Colors by Llarowe Bananas and Krispy Kremes are better than HBO
Makeup sponge
Born Pretty Store Clear Jelly Stamper
Ya Qin An Plate 020
Hit The Bottle White

I normally use a super soft stamper, that I can really press my curvy nails into.  This stamper isn’t quite that soft, but I can wiggle it around to make sure the design gets right to the edges.


To start with I created a diagonal gradient using three polishes, including one Beacon which was a gift from Fabiana.  We met up recently in Strasbourg and I was so surprised to receive a big gift bag with so much loveliness inside.

As usual, the gradient was made with a makeup sponge.  I had to concentrate so hard to make sure my stripes on the right hand were a mirror image of my left.  I tend to mess that up!

Clear Jelly Stamper

I really liked this stamper.  It’s great value at $2.99, and the clear/white frosted barrel means that you get lots of light through it to see where you are placing your design.

I have a similar stamper which has a purple barrel, and it can be difficult to see where you are aiming for. The further you are from your nail, the more distorted the view of your nail is, because of the curve of the stamper head.

So, light is crucial!

This stamper doesn’t need any priming, but to pick up the image cleanly you’ll need to do a quick roll over the plate, rather than the longer pressing motion I use with other stampers. Once you get the hang of it, it’s easy, but there is a little learning involved if you are used to another technique.