Last week’s challenge on NAN was half moons. I was having a bit of a block with nail art generally, and decided on this design the day after the prompt was posted. I quite liked how it turned out. But then forgot to post it, for so long in fact that the next prompt had already gone up. Doh! But if you are looking for a quick and easy way to create some Half Moon nail art, this is perfect.Β 

Half Moon nail art left hand

Half Moon nail art left hand

Polishes and toolsΒ 

My favourite base coat and top coat
Picture Polish Meow
MoYou London Explorer 03
Hit the Bottle White
Clear Jelly Stamper The Big BlingΒ and Bling Clean up brush

Let’s start with this new Picture Polish. It’s delightful! A little bit sparkly, and super opaque – but I think you could get away with one thick coat if you’re in a hurry, although this is two plus top coat.

Also, how cute is the little cat on the bottle art! Adorable!

I always add top coat before stamping. It sets the base hard so I don’t mush or dent it while stamping, because I push quite firmly with the stamper to get the image across my curvy nails.

The stamping was much easier with my big, squishy clear stamper, compared to any of the other stampers I have.

Half Moon nail art right hand

Half Moon nail art right hand

Stamped Half Moon nail art

It’s not quite a mandala design, but it has that feel about it. Very simple and quite autumnal too, I think that now it’s September I’ve stepped straight into seasonal nails!

What do you think? Are you looking forward to all Autumn brings (Halloween, pumpkin lattes, and cosy sweaters) or are you clinging on to summer (bright colours, sun, and heading to the beach)?