I’m a bit off-season, since everyone is into Halloween nails right now! This was a prompt for Nail Art Nation, and I wanted to hit all the Miami highlights. I brought out some soft neon shades into a gradient for Sunset Palms Nail Art

Also, big apologies for being so absent. I’ve been a bit under the weather and kind of lost my mojo there for a while.

Sunset Palms Nail Art left hand

Sunset Palms Nail Art left hand

Polishes and tools 

American Apparel Neon Violet
China Glaze Flip Flop Fantasy
Color Club Disco’s Not Dead and Meet Me At The Rink
Orly Hip & Outlandish
Lacquer Lust Untz untz untzing Unicorn 
Hit the Bottle Black
MoYou London Time Traveller Back to the 80s 04 and Holy Shapes 13
Latex sponge
Clear Jelly Stamper The Big Bling and Bling Brush
Rainbow Connection Zap

Rather than starting with a white base, I used one coat of the palest colour from the gradient, Disco’s Not Dead. It didn’t matter that it’s a little patchy in places, since it’s mostly going to be covered up anyway.

I used a couple of latex make up sponges to paint the stripes of colour on. They are listed in the order I painted them, from Neon Violet at the top to Hip & Outlandish at the bottom. All of these colours are neon to an extent, even the teal green.

Not pictured, but I did test these under a UV light, and they glow like crazy!
After the gradient (which only took about two coats) I added the Lacquer Lust polish, which has tiny neon glitter pieces amongst the tiny silver holo glitter. It’s quite dense with glitter, so you don’t need a lot.

After that I stamped the palm trees and triangles. My nails are really short right now, so I had to play around a bit to get all the trees on my middle nail!

Sunset Palms Nail Art right hand

Sunset Palms Nail Art right hand

Sunset Palms Nail Art

I think this design reflects the different aspects of Miami: the beach and palm trees, the sunsets, and the clubbing EDM nightlife.

It’s completely off for October, but then I always start craving neons when the weather is rubbish. Or maybe I just need a holiday!

Are you ready for more summer, or is Halloween the best part of Autumn for you?