Welcome back after a longer than anticipated break! I’ve been ill all through December, so I didn’t get to do anywhere near as many manis as I wanted. This design is part of the Maniswap Circle, based on an original design by Nancy. The prompt was black and white, and the finished product looks like a winter storm. Here’s my Stormy Swirly Nail Art Stamping.

Stormy Swirly Nail Art Stamping with Cirque polish

Stormy Swirly Nail Art Stamping with Cirque polish

Polishes and tools

Cirque Hatch and Dark Horse
MoYou London Black Knight and The Pro XL 20
Seche Vite
Clear Jelly Stamper The Big Bling and The Bling Brush
Latex Sponge
Kiko Nail Polish Thinner

I started with two coats of Hatch over my base coat. This is definitely a favourite polish of mine. I have never found a white creme polish that’s nice to paint with after the first few uses, but this one is always easy to work with.

Nancy’s original design had a subtle gradient at the tip, and I chose to add a light glitter gradient using Dark Horse. Mine has thickened up quite significantly, so this was a bit harder to achieve than I expected. My right hand turned out better I think.

After some Seche Vite, I was ready for stamping.

Today I was trying out MoYou London’s Black Knight stamping polish for the first time. I have to say I found it to be a bit too thick and quicker to set/dry than I was expecting. Perhaps I might add some thinner next time to see if that helps. As you can see not all my images transferred cleanly.

Swirly Nail Art Stamping with a glitter gradient

Swirly Nail Art Stamping with a glitter gradient

After a final coat of Seche Vite, I am all done!

Stormy Swirly Nail Art Stamping

No macro photos today, but I hope you agree that the glitter gradient works well with the matte black glitter in Hatch.

I hope that Nancy likes it too!