A matte top coat really makes a metallic polish pop

Recently I went out for brunch to celebrate my upcoming birthday, and this matte metallic gradient stamping was the design I created. I went to B&H Buildings with my besties Lisa and Kim, for an amazing bottomless brunch with apple and pear mimosas.

Left hand fingers and thumb curled towards the camera on a black background with grey nails and purple-pink gradient stamped design

Super shorties with a matte metallic gradient

Polishes and tools

Jessica Fusion
Orly Bonder
Painted Polish Stamped in Clay
Sinful Colors Concrete Jungle
2true Aphrodite and Artemis
MoYou London Flower Power 08
Seche Vite
Rainbow Connection angled clean up brush

My base is a super subtle marbled base, using one of the Sinful Colors Transforming Top Coats. I lightly swiped it over the wet second coat of Stamped in Clay.

Right hand fingers upright on black background with grey, pink and purple nail art design

Purple to pink matte metallic gradient on a grey lightly marbled base

To be fair, it was more obvious without the stamping! I swiped diagonally outwards from the cuticle to the tip on all ten nails. If I do this again I’ll use more contrasting colours or try not to cover it up….

Right hand index finger macro, three-quarter view, showing grey marbling under stamping

Close up look at my index finger reveals the marbling under matte metallic gradient stamping

You can definitely see the base better in my macro photos. After the base but before the stamping I added a coat of Seche Vite.

Gradient Stamping

It’s easy to create gradient stamping once you’ve got a basic technique down. After you place your colours on the plate, scrape across a few times to blend them, before picking them up with the stamper.

Right hand thumb with fingers curled over behind, grey nail art with pink and purple stamping

A closer look at my thumb with brocade style stamping in a matte metallic gradient

Metallic polishes tend to dry quickly when stamping, so you might prefer to start with cremes if you’ve not tried this before.

These metallic polishes are pretty old in my stash. They smell a bit funky (they always did) but are perfect for stamping. I got mine from Superdrug, and there are a few different colours.

Left hand index finger macro photo, pointing to top right of photo, on a black background with grey, purple and pink nail art design

Loving the orchid colour in the middle of the metallic gradient stamping

I stamped lighter but similar designs on my ring and index fingers, so they show the base better.

After another coat of Seche Vite, I topped this design with my Rimmel matte coat. I love matte top coat on metallic polishes, they really glow through and stand out.

Matte Metallic Gradient - macro right little finger

This macro of my ring finger really shows the base marbling using the Sinful Colors polish

If you’re using matte polish, you’ll need to top up every few days, as it absorbs oils and becomes progressively shinier!

Matte Metallic Stamping

This design is quite subtle, but it has a lot to offer on closer inspection. You could definitely amp it up by using a bigger colour contrast between the base and stamping.

Matte Metallic Gradient by Keely’s Nails | www.keelys-nails.com on Pinterest

A black base with a gold and copper stamp would look fabulous.

I had a fabulous vegetarian brunch of scrambled eggs, toast, field mushroom, hash brown, and confit tomato. What’s your favourite brunch spot? Tell me in the comments!

Macro of right middle fingernail with shiny metallic stamping in pink and purple, with a matte grey background behind the stamping

The metallic gradient still picks up the light, despite the matte topcoat