This is another fairly easy to create manicure, using a nail art pen and a matte topcoat.

The base colours I used were 17 Lasting Fix Grey Chaperone (discontinued) and Chanel Frisson, about two coats over a base of OPI Nail Envy.

Next up the dots! The Models Own nail art pens are really easy to use, but keep a bit of tissue handing to wipe off any excess from the nib and make sure you roll the pen well in case the polish has separated.

To create even dots, start with a line straight up the centre of the nail. You want the dots to be even in size (you control the flow of polish by gently squeezing the bottle) and spacing.  Next create a second line of dots next to the first, replicating the size and spacing but starting horizontally in between the first two dots of the first line.  If your cuticle is rounded this pretty much follows the shape of your nail bed.  Repeat on the other side of the first line.  Depending on how wide your nails are and how small your dots are, you might need another two rows outside these first three.

Wait for the dots to be properly dry before adding a coat or two of a mattifier – I like Rimmel’s Pro Matte top coat.

All done! Cute dots and a velvety soft matte finish – lovely!