In an effort to create something a little more spring-like I pulled out a couple of new and unused polishes from my collection.  Both from Essie, I had Where’s My Chauffeur and Penny Talk. Where’s My Chauffeur is a green-toned turquoise – greener and a little deeper than Turquoise and Caicos (also from Essie) which I’ve used lots.  Penny Talk is a copper foil polish, but in my eyes it’s fairly light copper – not rich like a new copper 1p or 2p. It’s definitely got more than a hint of rose-gold about it.

I started off with a coat of OPI Nail Envy then two coats of Where’s My Chauffeur on all my nails – sandwiching a coat of Sally Hansen Hard As Wraps.

After a coat of Seche Vite and plenty of setting time I used some striping tape to create an angled tip on two nails on each hand with the Penny Talk.  Like most foils, Penny Talk is really opaque in a single coat so is ideal for using with striping tape.  I then used some more striping tape to create a chevron on each thumb with Mavala Sparkling Bronze.  This needed a couple of coats and took a while to dry so wasn’t as easy to get a clean line as the Penny Talk, but I like the effect.

So here is the finished design!

The glitter isn’t as close a match for the foil as I would like but I love the overall effect.  It was a late night finish on these and apparently I was too tired to remember to take photos of both my hands…oops!