I’ve never been St Lucia, but while I was looking for inspiration, I fell in love with the description of the meaning behind their flag. 

  • Cerulean Blue represents fidelity. This blue reflects the tropical sky and also the emerald surrounding waters — the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Gold represents the prevailing sunshine in the Caribbean and prosperity.
  • Black and white stand for the cultural influences — the white part, the white culture; the black part, the black culture — the two races living and working in unity.
  • The design impresses the dominance of the Negro culture vis-à-vis that of Europe, against a background of sunshine and ever-blue sea. This is represented by the three triangles in the centre of the flag, symbolising three pitons.
  • The Triangle, the shape of which is an isosceles triangle, is reminiscent of the island’s famous twin Pitons at Soufriere, rising sheer out of the sea, towards the sky — themselves, a symbol of the hope and aspirations of the people. 

The gold leaf on the base isn’t part of the flag design, but I think it works really well. 

Chanel Nouvelle Vague 
Rococo Gold Leaf Lacquer 
China Glaze White on White and Liquid Leather 
Models Own nail art pen Gold 

See you tomorrow for a spooky Supernatural mani!