Next up from Born Pretty Store are these cute ship wheel charms. They are silver metal, but really thin. This was great for me since I could bend them around my clean-up brush handle to fit my curvy nails.

I used:
Cult Nails Time Traveler
Barry M Gelly Cotton
Born Pretty Store charms (option 02)
MoYou London Sailor 05
Nail Vinyls Straights
Rainbow Connection Zap


 You need two coats of top coat to set the charms in, but once curved they worked really well. I’d recommend that after your first top coat is just set to use a cuticle stick or tool to push any sticking up edges down flat. Then add your last top coat layer last.

I really like these charms and this design. The stripes gave me the most trouble!

Review:Water Decal QJ-198 from Born Pretty Store by Keely's Nails.

Review: Nautical Ship Wheel charms from Born Pretty Store by Keely’s Nails.