Fraîcheur is a special edition shade released in July 2015. It’s very similar to Chanel Jade. All Lacquered Up has a great comparison post if you’d like to see the difference, but for me this is a very good substitute.

Chanel Fraîcheur – indoor, daylight

Two coats was still a tiny bit patchy at the tips so this is three coats. Really nice colour, slightly blue leaning green, with an elusive blue/green shimmer. I need a macro lens!

Chanel Fraîcheur – indoor, evening sunlight

In lieu of that, here’s a close up – the evening sun has brought out the shimmer a little.

Chanel Fraîcheur – outdoor, daylight

I also tried a matte topcoat (Rimmel Pro Matte Finish) to see if that showed the shimmer any stronger…

Chanel Fraîcheur – matte, outdoor, daylight

Chanel Fraîcheur – matte, indoor, daylight

That’ll be a no then! Best way of seeing the shimmer was the direct evening sunlight, looking closely it was visible on the nail although subtle.