The last time I tried watermarbling it went really well, so I thought I would try again. This Watermarble Wednesday I decided to try some Autumn colours because it’s the Equinox today.

As an added challenge I tried some negative space. I started with a base colour and used a matte top coat for the “space”. It dries clear and is supposed to spread well…

Polishes & Tools:

Watermarble Wednesday using autumn colours and negative space | Keely's Nails

Watermarble Wednesday using autumn colours and negative space | Keely’s Nails

Color Club Kismet
OPI Primarily Yellow, Chromatic Orange and Magenta Muse 
Rimmel Pro Matte Top Coat
AEngland Fotheringhay Castle 
Pure Color Watermarble Tool

Watermarble Wednesday Top Tips

  • Use a small cup. I use disposable water cups as they aren’t too big and the gentlest tap on them helps the polish spread
  • Use thin, new polishes. Old, thickened polishes just won’t spread, stick with some nice thin ones.
  • Start with your best-spreading polish. When the first polish spreads well, it helps the next ones along. In the middle of the process a good spreader will help push out the bullseye too.

I used to have a terrible time with this technique, I always made a mess no matter how long I practiced. I think these OPI polishes along with the cups I’m using have made the biggest difference.

I still need to work on the designs and getting them a bit more consistent. I’d like to create some loops instead of just the back-and-forth folds I’m creating in the polish at the moment. I think Watermarble Wednesday might be my new favourite day of the week!