It’s my tradition to always start January with a New Year Neon mani. When the weather is dark, grey and miserable, it always cheers me up.


New Year Neon | Keely's Nails

New Year Neon | Keely’s Nails

I took these photos with my new tripod, which I got for Christmas. It’s really helped me to focus the camera on my mani, rather than the bottle.  I’ve had to adjust my lighting to allow the space for it, but I’ve also ordered new daylight bulbs for my lamps and proper diffusion gels (I’m using greaseproof paper at the moment.  The tripod will also mean I can start making proper videos, which I’m really excited about.

Polishes and tools

Models Own Hypergel White Light 
Orly Mayhem Mentality and Beach Cruiser 
American Apparel Neon Violet
Ciaté Gold holographic foil
Short and fine tipped nail art brushes
White acrylic paint

New Year Neon | Keely's Nails

I wasn’t so happy with the white lines on my right hand, they came out a bit thick and not very opaque.  I think the paint I’d prepared didn’t like the wait between hands.

I followed a tutorial by Mariko Shida from Neiru, but adapted it somewhat to account for using polish and not gel. After a white base, I used a small brush to add the pink and purple neons, and then the orange in between the two.  After a top coat, I dry brushed a little foil glue onto my nail in a wavy line.  Once it was tacky I pressed the foil over it.  I added a little more neon to balance out the design, then another top coat and then matte coat.  A matte finish makes using acrylic paint a little easier, as it tends to move about on a glossy finish.  I added the white lines and then a final top coat.

New Year Neon

I’m pleased with how this came out, apart from the white lines on top.  I’ve done finer lines than this, and better, so I just need more practice I think.  I’ve ordered some more brushes, including a new liner, so hopefully that will help me get back on track.  The neon flares up beautifully under blacklight, and looks so bright in daylight too. The square shape is my favourite too, although I might have to soften the corners a bit – they are catchy!

For more inspiration, have a look at last year’s tie-dye design!