I’m finally back!  Following a long hiatus where I was sorting some technical stuff out with this website I am back with some Tartan Nail Art!  This was created in support of my friend Sarah, who you may know on Instagram as Manigranny.  In November last year Sarah was diagnosed with stage II melanoma and a group of us on Instagram got together and recreated her designs in a show of solidarity.

Tartan Nail Art to support Sarah

Tartan Nail Art to support Sarah

Polishes and tools

Zoya Sarah (see what I did there!)
MoYou London Punk 09 (disclaimer: I won this in a competition)
Hit The Bottle Black

Tartan Nail Art (right hand)

Tartan Nail Art (right hand)

Zoya Sarah is ridiculously shiny. I think it must be the microglitter, which also flashes a little to the gold magenta side of the spectrum.   This was a polish I bought when I was on a hunt for a dupe of my favourite ever cherry-red Chanel Red Dream. It isn’t a dupe but is still very pretty.

Sarah's original Tartan design

Sarah’s original Tartan design

Sarah used a much more orange-red base colour on her design, and I don’t have the same stamping plate as her either.

Tartan Nail Art

This is a simple stamping design, so it was pretty quick and easy to do.  I was a bit crooked with the stamping on my dominant hand, so I will have to work on that.  Zoya Sarah isn’t a stainer, so clean up and removal later were nice and easy too.  Cleaning up after black stamping is always a bit of a pain, so I do recommend using liquid latex around your nails.

The good news is that following surgery and a skin graft, Sarah is healing well, and following a few years’ monitoring she should make a full recovery. It was a really scary time for all of us but I’m really, really happy that she’s getting over this.