I know this is very late, but I did Galaxy Nail Art for Star Wars Day… May the Fourth Be With You!

I mostly used homemade polishes, and all the layering and sponging took quite a while, but I love the result.  It looks pretty realistic, right?!

Polishes and tools

Homemade Midnight Blue Jelly and Spectraflair topcoat
Models Own White Light (mixed with clear polish)
ILNP My Private Rainbow X
China Glaze Fairy Dust
Barry M Limited Edition Diamond Glitter 
Orangewood stick

How could I resist a macro of this?!

This was achieved by layering the blue jelly with Spectraflair and glitter to create a starry background.  I then really gently sponged the clouds with a mixture of white and clear polish (so it wasn’t too stark white). Where it was a bit bright I went back in with the blue jelly, which helped add more depth.

After that I sponged on a little of the Diamond Glitter along the white and used the orange stick to place a few bits around my nails. They give the effect of a few bigger stars.

Galaxy Nail Art

Minimalism is the key here.  I’ve struggled with that in the past, and my galaxy nails have ended up looking a bit busy and messy.

I think if I had added some black jelly that really would have helped amp up the depth and realism event more.  My friend Mags works at an astronomical observatory, and she thinks these look pretty realistic, so I’m happy.

I really should have spent more time on my right hand! It definitely came off second best this time.  I spent so much time layering and sponging on my left hand, there wasn’t a lot of time left for my Cinderella hand.

I come back to this design again and again, I’m determined to get it realistic (or at least close to what I have in my head at the start). I’m sure it will be back!