I realised recently that I didn’t have a good neon blue polish. In fact I didn’t have a true neon blue polish at all.  Some of them were bright, but there was nothing that glows under UV light, which is the sign of a true neon. I asked around forums and groups for recommendations, but came across Cirque Rehab which it turns out is my Perfect Neon Blue Polish.

Cirque Rehab swatch neon blue left hand

Cirque Rehab swatch Perfect Neon Blue Polish left hand

I saw this on Rainbow Connection’s website, scouting through like I do far too often for my bank balance to cope.  It really caught my eye, just as a bright blue at that point.

Once it arrived, I tried it out, and because I wasn’t expecting a true neon polish I didn’t even think about adding a white base coat.  This polish does not need white undies, and it’s completely opaque in two coats.

Here it is with a base coat, two coats and then finished off with one layer of Seche Vite.

Cirque Rehab swatch neon blue right hand

Cirque Rehab swatch Perfect Neon Blue Polish right hand

Under the daylight lamps you can see it is the brightest blue.  This polish really changes depending on the lighting.  In normal (dim) indoor/night time lighting it looks slightly more like a dusty blurple, but in full sunshine it looks glorious!

Because it was so bright under a daylight bulb, I decided to try it under a UV light. I was not disappointed!

Cirque Rehab swatch neon blue UV light

Cirque Rehab swatch Perfect Neon Blue Polish under UV light

Is this the Perfect Neon Blue Polish?

Wow this one is blinding under UV light!  I can definitely recommend this one if your stash is missing a good, true neon blue polish.

It looks so changeable under different lighting, even as a swatch there was always something new to see.  And it would be perfect for a night out where you know there will be blacklight to make it glow. Go get it quick, because this one is limited edition…