What colour do you hate? Make it work!

I’m not normally into pink. It’s not a go-to nail shade for me, and I actively avoid buying pink things! But I like to buck the trend once in a while, like with this Pink Galaxy nail art design. I was inspired by Anikibee’s design on Instagram for this one.

Pink Galaxy nail art by Keely’s Nails

Pink Galaxy nail art definitely is a non-traditional look for this nail design!

Polishes and tools

Jessica Fusion
Orly Bonder
American Apparel Neon Violet
Picture Polish Alice and Orchid
Essie Shine of the Times
Color Club Meet Me At The Rink and Under The Blacklight
MoYou London Holy Shapes 13 and White Knight
Clear Jelly Stamper The Big Bling
Seche Vite

My latest combination of base coats seems to be helping my peelies after my foray into falsies at the start of the year. I’ve only still got them on a couple of nails now. Avoiding dehydrators before nail polish is good too, but it does lead to quicker chipping.

Pink Galaxy nail art by Keely’s Nails

The holo flecks from the Picture Polish shades add some extra sparkle to the galaxy design

For this design, I started with one coat of Neon Violet. It isn’t what I’d call a true neon, but is a good one-coater.

Next I used some tiny pieces of latex sponge held in tweezers for the different colours. I used a couple of shades from Picture Polish, and then some dry-ish brushing of flakies from Essie.

Pink Galaxy nail art by Keely’s Nails

The flakies give the impression of stars forming in my Pink Galaxy nail art!

The base from the flakies softened the edges of the PP shades too. Finally, I used a couple more pieces of latex sponge to dab on some of my pastel shades. I used two from Color Club’s Neon Pastel collection.

Anikibee used a stamped design I don’t have, but the triangle pattern from MoYou’s Holy Shapes plates gives the same effect. I stamped over everything with white, using my clear stamper from Clear Jelly Stampers.

Pink Galaxy nail art by Keely’s Nails

You can see the gold shimmer of the flakies in this macro photo

Everything was sealed in with Seche Vite for a glossy finish.

Pink Galaxy nail art

For a pink design, I quite like this! The flakies add flashes of turquoise and gold, and it’s a more blue-based pink, which I prefer.

Pink Galaxy nail art by Keely’s Nails - follow me on Pinterest!

Pink Galaxy nail art by Keely’s Nails – follow me on Pinterest!

Do you have any colours that you don’t like? How do you make them work for you? Let me know in the comments!

Pink Galaxy nail art by Keely’s Nails

The pastel colours create the ‘clouds of dust’ effect you see in this Pink Galaxy nail art design