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Fluid nail art: Sinful Colors transforming top coats
7 years ago

Fluid nail art: Sinful Colors transforming top coats

Fluid nail art is the latest trend to be adopted by nail artists.  It’s inspired by fluid art, where acrylic paint is mixed with a little silicon, before dripping or pouring it over a canvas.  The silicon helps to stop the paint from mixing, so you get little ‘cells’ of different colours appearing, and an organic forms and lines of colour from the movement of the paint.

There are a number of different techniques, using both normal polishes and some special ones.  In this case, I used the Sinful Colors transforming topcoats with regular polishes, which are designed to separate and create the cells I mentioned.  It’s definitely a more advanced nail art technique, but I found this way much less messy and less wasteful of polishes than others I’ve seen for creating fluid art. You could always limit it to one or two feature nails to make it more manageable.

Fluid nail art - left fingers

Fluid nail art – fingers

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