This manicure needs a bit more time and patience, but the results are pretty stunning!

Start off with two coats of Model’s Own Indian Ocean, which is a beautiful opalescent pink-blue shade.   I topped it with a coat of Seche Vite at this stage for the quick-drying effect, but you could always start with this and keep it plain for a day or two – it is very pretty.

Next up is the black outlines – I used Model’s Own nail art pen in black which comes with an in-built striping brush. I created a quarter-circle in one corner of my nail, then a single straight line from just above the centre of the circle out to the tip in approximately the centre of the tip. Then I added a few more lines radiating out from the quarter-circle.

Then I added another quarter circle from the tip on one side to the middle of the nail on the other side – mirroring the shape of the original circle.  I then rounded off the corners where the radiating lines meet the outer circle.  Using a black polish, (I used Chanel Noir Ceramic) I painted the outside of the outer circle in completely.

Using a Model’s Own nail art pen in white, I added dots of varying sizes into the black area and tops of the radiating lines.  Finally another coat of Seche Vite and done! It looks pretty good and even where the black polish got a bit sticky and stretched threads of polish over the base, it just looks like extra veins of black.