This is from September last year, it’s been sitting unpublished and today’s the day! For this design I was feeling really inspired by the weather.  A mixture of incredibly bright blue skies, fluffy white clouds, threatening grey clouds and rain became this design.  Clouds is one of the easiest nail art techniques and you don’t need any special equipment or brushes.  For the rain streaks I used a striping brush to create the thin lines, but a very sparse coat of glitter would work just as well.

I started with coats of Bourjois in Bleu Fabuleux and the grey polish which is 17 Chaperone but darkened with black polish a while back for my chevron ombre manicure.  I’m not especially keen on the formula of the Bourjois as it is very thick, but it does cover well and is nearly a one-coater.
Next up grey clouds over two of the blue nails starting about two-thirds of the way down my nail. Once dry, I added white clouds further down using Essie Blanc.  Across the grey nails I used the striper and Butter London Frilly Knickers (a holographic glitter) to create streaks of rain.  Everything was topped with Seche Vite.

There’s no filter on these photos, but you can see how bright this blue is… Hopefully you can just make out the glitter stripes.  Any fine glitter would work for this design.