Before I started, I really didn’t think I’d get to the end of this challenge. But here we are! I’m really proud that I didn’t bank manis ahead of time so I produced one virtually every day. 

It’s been really inspiring to see everyone’s interpretation of the challenge each day. Some of my manis I’ve been really proud of (not water marbling) and been sad to take them off so soon (not water marbling!). 

Today was really pressured for time, as I had my first paid (ish) nail job! No nail art, but I did two people’s nails for a wedding including applying a set of acrylic tips.  

I chose to recreate Mary Daniel’s diagonal gradient with holo. Gradient! Holo! All my favourites, so it had to be this. I’d have liked to tackle one of the more detailed designs, but I’ll keep them close in mind for the future. Instead of a lighter, brighter pink, I used a new pink-coral polish that I used on the bridesmaid today, with a slightly more intense blue to match. 

OPI Live Love Carnival
Essie Where’s My Chauffeur
Spectraflair Topcoat 

My Spectraflair has finer holo particles than Mary’s Girly Bits polish, but was just as difficult to photograph. It looks awesome in sunlight (pity there isn’t any today!) but I think it looks really juicy. 

  1. Wonderful! And congrats on finishin the challenge!

    • Thanks Margriet! I think a month was plenty — I have a new respect for your 365 challenge!

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