Based on a design by Rina Alcantara, I really wanted to use a neon colour, which also gave me a chance to test a new white polish.

I don’t have the best history with white polish so I tend to avoid any design that needs it. Streaky, too thin, too gloopy, too sheer, I’ve got them all. I’d heard that Graffiti Nails had a really great white polish, and for £3.99 I couldn’t resist! You also get free delivery on three or more polishes, so I treated myself to a new black and purple holo glitter too. The square caps are removable, so no OCD issues about getting it back on straight!
Graffiti Nails Morning Mist, Jet and Ice White
I used tape and freehand for this design. Graffiti Nails polish dries really quickly and is really opaque – it’s nearly a one-coater! My only concern is that it might thicken with time, a bit like Illamasqua Scorch.  But it was perfect for this design!
Graffiti Nails Ice White and Jet
China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini
So far, the sun’s only made fleeting appearances today, but here’s hoping this design encourages it out of hiding!