Less nail art, more like a swatch, but this polish is like having disco lights in your nail varnish so I’m very happy!

This is Orly Sunglasses at Night which is holographic bar glitter in a dark blue jelly base. The base is super sheer, so I’ve layered it over Graffiti Nails Jet.
I really wanted to pack the glitter in, so this is 3 coats of the Orly. Although it’s not got the gritty, rough texture that glitter polishes sometimes have (they drink up topcoat) I used two coats of Seche Vite for a completely smooth finish.


It’s difficult to catch the holo in photos properly, but as I move my fingers those glitters are flashing like a disco!

I think next time I’ll layer it over a dark blue like NYC A Suitcase and a Donut to give the dark blue base more of a chance.