I’ve got some great cuticle tattoos to show you today from Born Pretty Store.  They are exactly like water decals, but designed to sit just behind your cuticle line. Some people love them, others not so much, but I really enjoy adding this type of temporary decorations to my finger tips.

A-England Ascalon
Born Pretty Store Cuticle Tattoo

You get one sheet in each packet with 20 tattoos in 10 different sizes.  I just cut them out as close to the design as I could and removed the clear protective plastic.  I placed them on my fingers and used a small brush soaked in water to saturate the backing paper until it slid away from the tattoo.

These are definitely a one-night-only thing – they don’t last even 24 hours on me.  However, you could use them on your nails and with top coat they will last much longer.  I really liked that the two columns of designs mirror each other for different hands.  I’m a little OCD about having my hands as a mirror image of each other (in terms of nail design) so these really satisfy that! This particular design (NCT005) leans to one side slightly, so that was important to me.

Review:Water Decal QJ-198 from Born Pretty Store by Keely's Nails.

Review: Cuticle Tattoo 19807 (design NCT005) from Born Pretty Store by Keely’s Nails.