I know this is an old polish, but I wanted to swatch it and see what sort of finish I could achieve. It’s from the original Gwen Stefani collection by OPI and promises a mirror-like finish.  It came with a base coat to make the nail surface as smooth as possible and top coat isn’t advised.

OPI Push And Shove and Lay Down That Base

For a ridge-filling base, LDTB was surprisingly runny and flooded my cuticles a bit.  Push And Shove was difficult to work with – you have to be super fast and make sure you don’t go over the same place twice while the polish is wet.  At this point I gave up all hope of a neat finish and relied completely on clean-up.

I have to admit the finish is great, really smooth and shiny.  These pictures are all without top coat.  Without top coat wear is compromised and won’t really last longer than a day before you’ll see some damage.


I decided I couldn’t cope without nail art or top coat so the next post will have some more details about how I turned this base into a design.