This is another beautiful Chanel polish.

The dark green jelly polish is from the Autumn/Fall 2015 collection.

Swatch of Chanel Vert Obscur 679 | Keely's Nails

Swatch of Chanel Vert Obscur 679 | Keely’s Nails

Chanel Vert Obscur is a dark green/teal jelly, and so glossy!! This is two coats plus top coat but it really didn’t need the top coat to be this shiny.

Application-wise it was very easy. The colour at one coat is divine, but difficult to get even and still fairly sheer. You can see far more of the teal tones at one coat.

After two coats the colour completely evens out, but it also darkens a lot. In person in low light it looks nearly black.
Next swatch is Vibrato, but have a look at Fortissimo too!