It’s no secret that I’ve never been able to master water marbling. It’s been a big fail (and source of amusement for others) for a long time.  Over the last month or so I’ve been acquiring a few items for another attempt. Disposable cups, Pure Color watermarble tool, OPI Color Paints… So today was the day!

I only tried three times and I was so convinced it wasn’t going to work I didn’t even protect the skin around my nails on my left hand. That was some mess to clean up!  It’s a bit marred by air bubbles and gaps, and there’s no consistency between nails but I am gobsmacked that it worked at all.

Essie Cocktail Bling and No Place Like Chrome
OPI Turquoise Aesthetic and Magenta Muse

I’m not sure whether to keep practicing or just admire them from afar (so I can’t see the air bubbles)!