The final day’s prompt for the Scream Spectacular is Things That Go Bump In The Night. Spiders scare me more than anything, so I paired them with my chosen colour green.

My green, teal and yellow watermarble created the web in the background and then I freehanded the spiders over the top.

Polishes and Tools

AEngland Excalibur 
OPI Landscape Green, Primarily Yellow and Turquoise Aesthetic 
Acrylic paint
Dotting tools
Various detail brushes


Halloween: Things That Go Bump In The Night | Keely's Nails

Halloween: Things That Go Bump In The Night | Keely’s Nails


I have been very scared of spiders since I was a child and a large house spider walked over my neck when I was in bed. I was completely paralysed in fear and have hated spiders touching me ever since. I jumped out a car I was driving once when one dropped out the sun visor!

I took this opportunity to surprise Sarah with a watermarbling lesson, because she doesn’t have the OPI Color Paints (yet) and getting the polish to properly spread is half the battle.

After a silver base and some latex up to my knuckles I created a petal style design using yellow-green and teal-green on alternating fingers. I had a couple of very small bubbles but nothing significant.

After a coat of Seche Vite I used black acrylic paint and a Pure Color brush to make the spider bodies (covering any bubbles up in the process). With a very fine nail art brush I added the legs and the thread one spider is dangling from. Using a dotting tool and white paint making the eyes, the very tip of the fine brush and more paint for the dots in the eyes.

Things That Go Bump In The Night

Although spiders don’t literally go “bump” (luckily) they definitely count as something that scares me!

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