Sorry it’s not nails! But close…A quick review of Maybelline Dr Rescue SOS Balm. This is a product I got from my British Beauty Blogger Dream Box (it’s sold out, or I would have added a link) and I’ve never tried a stick cuticle balm before.

Maybelline Dr Rescue SOS Balm | Keely's Nails

Maybelline Dr Rescue SOS Balm | Keely’s Nails

The balm has a pull-off cap that snaps back on securely. BBB recommended it for handbags and I agree with that. The balm itself twists up for use.

The balm applies lightly and the stick is quite firm – so no worries about breaking it off by applying too hard. It’s scented very lightly – menthol was the main scent I could detect, but it’s in no way overpowering.

It’s easy to apply and the bevelled end makes getting right to the cuticle and side walls a cinch. It soaks in fairly quickly and isn’t sticky.

Overall the balm is quite light – I have dry skin anyway so I wouldn’t use this as a “rescue” treatment. But as a day-to-day, on-the-go cuticle hydration it’s great.

Rating: Maybelline Dr Rescue SOS Balm

Cost £3.99
Size 8g