I was sent a wheel of Neon Star Studs for review by Allison at Born Pretty Store. I was inspired to choose them, since I always think they look so much fun whenever I see Elie use them.

Polishes and tools

Watermarble: China Glaze Pool Party, Orly Beach Cruiser and Glowstick
Vinyls: Born Pretty Store French Tip Guides (bought separately)
Black: Radioactive Unicorn Satan is Super Kawaii #duh
Studs: Born Pretty Store
Tools: Orangewood stick and tweezers

Admittedly, this was not my best watermarble.  I really struggled finding some neons that would reliably spread. I tried to start off with six colours to match the studs, but fairly quickly edited that down to the three least worst.

After that I used the French tip stickers to create an arc of watermarble under the black glitter.

The Radioactive Unicorn polish is quite thick, so it works well for this design.

It’s really important to remove the sticker quickly, before the polish starts to dry. This is the best way to get a clean line.

Next up I added topcoat nail by nail. Seche Vite self-levels, so really helped to fill the channel left by the sticker.

As I added topcoat, I placed the stars using a damp orangewood stick.

Neon Star Studs

I loved that the stars are slightly curved, so they sat on my nails really well. My nails are really curvy in both directions so this helped them last much longer.

The colours are great, and the wheel includes gold and silver too, which would be great for some more punky designs.

The only downsides I found were that a few of the coloured stars were slightly damaged, so the metal showed through the colour. The wheel that they came in was a little loose, so it was easy to drop or lose a few studs.

One plus side of this is that it’s much easier to get the studs out without damaging your manicure.

I hope you liked my review! If you want a great selection of star studs, this is a very good choice.