This is another easy nail art technique which looks completely unique each time you try it. Smoosh Nail Art isn’t for you if you like all your nails to be identical, but you’ll end up with an eye-catching design which gets lots of compliments!

Smoosh Nail Art with stamping left hand

Smoosh Nail Art with stamping left hand

Polishes and tools

Your favourite base coat – I’m currently using Nailtiques
Models Own White Light
Colors by Llarowe Bananas and Krispy Kremes are better than HBO
Picture Polish Gala 
Creative Shop original stamper
Disposable or easy clean surface for smooshing – this time I used my Uber Mat, but a piece of foil works perfectly well too
Clean up brush (you definitely need this!)


AEngland Excalibur
Creative Shop plate 02

First up, start with your base coat and one coat of your lightest coloured polishes for smooshing. It doesn’t need to be perfect, since you’ll end up covering most of it up next. Make sure to cap the free edge of your nail though, since you won’t be able to do that with the smoosh.

Smooshing comes next and is fun but a bit messy.  Put a few drops of each colour on your chosen surface.  If you have a particularly sheer polish use a little more, very dark or opaque polishes will need a little less.  That way all your colours end up equally represented in your finished product.

Smoosh the colours together lightly with your stamper.  Press too hard and you’ll slide right across the polish, so take it easy!  You actually don’t want to mix the colours up too much, or they can end up a bit muddy-looking.

Take your stamper and apply the colours to your nails.  You can wait a moment here to let the polish dry slightly – it will still stick to your nail when it’s tacky, but the stamper won’t slide off your nails so much.  You can also keep adding smooshed polish to your nails until you are happy with the colours and design. No need to start again if you don’t like it!

Next, you will need to do some clean up – it’s unavoidable to get a bit of the polish on your skin.  If you are using lighter, sheerer colours they should come off easily though.

Smoosh Nail Art left hand

Smoosh Nail Art left hand

Although I love this look, I wanted to add something else to it.  I stamped using Excalibur and a shell design.  The silver metallic polish kept the design light and there was lots of negative space to let the smoosh show through.

If you want some more smoosh attack inspiration, check out my Turquoise Nail Art Tutorial.

Smoosh Nail Art

I hope you enjoyed this look and will think about giving it a go! It’s great to have a tool like a stamper which can be put to another use.

Do you like the idea of having a really unique look, or do you prefer consistency across all your nails?